Equipment and Services for Product Development, Manufacturing and Automated Test

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Environmental Simulation, Sensors and Data Acquisition
Connection Technology Center (CTC) Industrial accelerometers and prox probes for vibration monitoring  
Cox Instruments Turbine flow sensors from 0.007GPM to 3,500GPM, and associated electronics  
Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics Flight Test Data Acquisition, Ground Stations, Recorders and Networks  
Data Physics Solutions for noise and vibration testing: Signal Analyzers, Vibration Control Systems, Electrodynamic Shakers and High Intensity and Underwater Acoustic Systems  
ESPEC 1.3 to 2,000 Cu. Ft. temperature and humidity chambers for temperature cycling, thermal shock, and stability  
Gantner Instruments Sensor based data acquisition and control  
G.R.A.S Sound and Vibration Measurement Microphones  
Grieve Corporation Benchtop to walk-in to conveyor ovens: electric and gas-fired from 100 to 2200 degrees F  
HITEC Strain gaging service and custom strain gage  
Interface Load cells and torque transducers  
Kistler Instrument Corp Accelerometers, pressure sensors, and force/torque gages for dynamic events. Dynamic force and strain monitoring on presses, cutting machines, and other C-frame equipment.  
Micro-Epsilon Non-contact displacement from Angstroms to Kilometers and non-contact thermal  
Pacific Instruments Data Acquisition up to 4,000 channels, signal conditioning, and closed-loop control  
REAL Chambers HALT/HASS Chambers- 6 DOF vibration combined with rapid transition thermal chamber  
Shore Western Load Frames, Actuators, Hydraulic Power Supplies, Service Manifolds, Rod Ends & Swivels, Controllers  
Tekscan Pressure-mapping systems for forces between two surfaces  
Trans-Tek LVDT's for contact displacement  
Vibrac Torque Test Systems, Bearing Inspector II, Precision Test Systems and Torque Sensors  
Validyne Pressure Sensors, from 0.1 PSI differential to 3,200 PXI with <0.1% error  
Electrical Test Equipment
Aeroflex RF & Microwave spectrum analyzers, signal sources, and radio test systems. PXI instruments for RF sources and measurements.  
Excalibur Engineering New and Used electronic test equipment. Sales, Rental & Calibration  
Frequency Devices, Inc. Electronic active filters from <1Hz to 200KHz (including BoM components)  
Kikusui America AC and DC power sources from 1W to 50,000W, electronic loads, ESD guns, Hipot testers
Magna-Power Electronics High Power Programmable DC Power Supplies from 2kW to 2MW
Marvin Test Solutions (formerly Geotest) PXI Instruments, PXI Digital I/O, PXI Chassis and Test Executive Software  
Pickering Interfaces PXI Instruments, PXI/LXI Switching from DC power to RF signals  
Teledyne-LeCroy Oscilloscopes and Waveform Generators from low-cost 250Ms/sec up to 10GS/sec
WEETECH Cable and backplane testers with built-in LCR meters and Hipot