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Mailing Address:
15902 Soleil Ct.
Austin, TX 78734
Office:   512-772-1553
Fax:   512-532-6130
Email:   sales@tandm.net

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About Us
T&M Instruments was formed in 1994. We currently have Field Sales Representatives located in each of the major markets in Texas:

Jace Curtis: Austin, TX
(Covers Central & West Texas)

Dedicated career to the sales and marketing of instrumentation and test services for mechanical measurements: vibration, acoustics, pressure, and force. Has worked with sensor technologies, data acquisition equipment, and RF/High frequency test equipment and services. Specialties include PC-based analyzers, sensor technology for temperature, strain, and sound/vibration, 4-20mA transmitters for industrial machine health monitoring. Bachelors Degrees in both Electrical and Bio-Medical Engineering from Vanderbilt University.

Jason Lott: Dallas, TX
(Covers North & East Texas, Oklahoma & Arkansas)

Extensive experience in experimental test and evaluation in the Aerospace and Defense industry, as well as dynamic and acoustic troubleshooting for both military and commercial customers. Qualified components to vibration and shock standards outlined in MIL-STD-810 and DO-160. Live Telemetry and post-processing experience analyzing both time-history and spectral data for accelerometers, strain gages, bending gages, torque sensors, pressure sensors, displacements gages, tachometers and thermocouples. Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Chris Vinson: Houston, TX
(Covers S. Texas & Louisiana)

Designed and manufactured power electronics/magnetics for the automotive, consumer electronics, solar/wind energy, and telecommunications industries up to 5kW. Has extensive experience working with US based regulatory compliance agencies, specifically UL60950 and UL1585, in addition to experience related to EMI testing, troubleshooting, and filter/shield design. Strong attributes related to test and measurement industry include hands on experience with programmable power supplies, thermal chambers, 3 axis vibration testing, network analyzers, data acquisition for thermal/current/voltage, oscilloscopes, hipot testers, and THD analyzers. Bachelors of Science in Engineering Electronics Technology from Texas Tech University.