Manufacturer's representatives of test and measurement equipment & services for Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas & Oklahoma.
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We are dedicated to supporting the engineers, scientists, and technicians who need not only the equipment, but the equipment expertise to get their jobs done.

In 1958, Jack Kilby invented the Integrated Circuit in Dallas, TX and arguably made an impact on humanity as great as Thomas Edison's light bulb. Since then, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas have been a surprising area of research, innovation, and industry. Today, this area is not only an Information Technology high-tech hub born out of Jack Kilby's miracle: the 4-state area processes over half of the Country's Oil & Gas, and is instrumental in both military and aerospace applications. Where else can you find the 2 most prominent laptop manufacturers within a 3 hour drive, and the leaders in tilt-rotor aircraft and vertical take-off jets within 50 miles of each other?

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